Find Your Town

- FindYourTown is aimed for people that want to have an input on their community.

It works as a tool to help you find information about businesses, people, housing or just find a cozy place to grab a plate in a place you maybe haven't had a chance to visit yet. Small communities are waiting to be explored, you don't have an excuse not to do it now - we made it simple!

Trade is key

- Helping you do business on both sides of the Atlantic!

Alongside the on-going Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Trade is Key empowers companies to learn more about how the European single market and the United States are working to remove these trade barriers.


- Tourism gives your travelling experience a whole new perspective!

A fusion of TrpAdvisor,, Google street view, YouTube content with the best custom maps in the world, your own! Visitors finally have accurate official information all in one place in their palm. Live event streams, itinerary builder, and social media, not your typical tourism map!

APIX - Advanced Permitting & Inspections Exchange

- APIX gives building contractors and home owners the ability to request, purchase and track all government permits and inspections from their smart phone.

It pays for itself in under 3 months of reduced phone and office visits, not to mention the smiles you get from folks who don’t have to waste their time!

Constellation NextGen GeoSpatial

- Constellation takes GIS both into the cloud and onto smartphones!

It visualizes any spatial data available and delivers a user experience that includes context sensitive help and smart tools. Year on year our clients have seen 90% increases in site use, 144% increase in mobile device use, and 100% uptime. All for a cost that is less than you expect.


- Measure deformations from space!

Sille helps you keep an eye on your buidlings, bridges and land by measuring deformaties. You can prevent accidents, save lives, time and money. Sille works globally with no manual work required.

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